Now that we are one month into 2017, how are your New Years resolutions and goals working out for you? One of my goals is to put my health first. Part of being healthy means that we need to find ways to fit a healthy lifestyle around our job. To help you with this I’ve put together a list of 5 things that you can do right now.

How to fit a healthy lifestyle around your job

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  1. Meal prep. I make my lunch to bring with me every day to work. Being gluten intolerant it’s just easier. This way I know exactly what’s in it. I also plan my meals in advance for the week. I cook up enough that I can have leftovers for the week. There are also plenty of delivery services that you can use to have delicious food brought right to your door.
  2. Make your own smoothie to bring with you. I make a green shake full of delicious veggies and fruits. Basically, it’s kale, spinach, cucumber and pineapple (for taste). I often throw in whatever other veggies are floating around in my fridge. You can also add some protein powder in if you like. There are so many different kinds out there but make sure you check the ingredients if you have any allergies. I can’t do dairy so I skip anything with whey in it. There are some pretty good vegetable ones on the market and this one is my favourite. how to fit a healthy lifestyle around your job
  3. No excuses when it comes to working out. I tend to sign up for a Pure Barre class in advance on the days that I start work a little later. This way I can get a workout in and still make it to work. I’ve actually pre-booked about a month in advance scheduling classes 2x a week to maintain my fitness goals.  how to fit a healthy lifestyle around your job
  4. Walk more. Get a pedometer if that will be helpful and get your steps in for the day. I like to walk outside as much as possible. Especially these days since we are having such beautiful weather here in Toronto!! Honestly, I do still get out for walks when I can in the winter and thankfully the weather has been pretty mild lately. I am looking forward to spring coming and being able to put away the bulky layers.
  5. Have a positive attitude. Taking time for yourself to be more healthy is a positive step! You are taking care of you!! You’re doing what you can to be healthier and stronger. Celebrate this!! Bring a mindful awareness to what you are doing. Notice the little things in life. Even on really “bad” days there was still some good. It might be something as small as having a cup of delicious coffee when you get to your desk.

Having a healthy lifestyle is about changing your mindset. Discovering what your priorities are and then making them fit into your life. It’s about being more mindful when it comes to our intentions.

Mindfulness has helped me to increase my awareness. To learn how to ask myself “what’s needed now?” Exercising regularly and eating healthy are two things that I need to do as I continue to recover from my accident. I also just feel better when I do them. This awareness helps on those mornings when I just want to roll over and go back to sleep instead of hitting the gym.

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