I’m so happy to share with you another guest post all about how to take your road trip to the next level!! We’ve already heard what the Queen of the road thinks so this time let’s get the male perspective from Jonathan.

6 insanely easy ways to make your road trip awesome


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Before hitting the road, it is good that you make everything fun from planning a trip to reaching your final destiny. Think of innovative ways in which you can keep family members engaged so that they actively contribute to making the journey the best memory for you and their selves. You can do this by choosing the favorite music tracks of each member, keeping games such as cards, ono, bingo, etc. and store your favorite movies and seasons on a hard drive. It is also necessary for you as being a driver to enjoy your drive with a friendly atmosphere in the car otherwise you will feel dizzy and bored. Believe me or not a road trip is more fun and adventurous when planned with a group of people other than you and your partner traveling alone. Want to make your road trip awesome? This article will enlist six insanely easy ways that would enable you to maximize your road trip and keep boredom at bay.

Don’t make a rigid plan

Planning your road trip according to your time limit is a wise action as it will enable you to break down the days into different parts to visit maximum places and enjoy your time to the fullest. But keep in mind that sitting down and writing your travel plan on paper is way much easier than driving consecutively for more than ten hours a day to meet your target plan. This will not only drain all your energy but also kill the fun you could have with a fresh mind and body. Allocate proper time to enjoy a sound sleep, don’t drive for more than seven hours a day and save a chance to explore new places around your rest house.

Leave some space in your trunk

Pack wisely. You don’t need to fill your trunk overly. The basic purpose of the trip is to make you feel light at heart and mind so don’t burden yourself by carrying extra luggage. Having space in your trunk will allow you to purchase some traditional stuff that catches your attention and you want to buy those pieces so that you can add it to your travel souvenirs collection or decorate your home with art pieces or classical rugs.

Planning on a budget? Get a gas card

Planning on a budget? Get over this misconception that less budget means less fun. If you wisely plan your trip and avoid spending heftily on unnecessary things, then you can enjoy your journey and cherish its memories forever. Fuel is the greatest monster that occupies most of your budget and getting it at a lower price will help you to manage the cost of the trip effectively. Gas cards allow you to avail the facility of getting fuel at lower costs and collect points that would earn you the perks of free fuel points and cash back on hotels.

Make up your own road games

Get creative! Engage your family members with you and create your own road games that keep your energy and moral high. You can play bingo, spot cars from different locations, act on the lines of your favorite movie and make the others guess the name of the movie. Create your own key words and every time you spot that word on billboards you earn a point. The one who earns the greatest points wins the match. Play music and take turns to randomly stop it, now you will have to sing a song on whichever word it stops on even if it means making your own lyrics. To play this game make sure that you have the best shallow mount sub-woofer that is essential to create a hump and pump in your car music.

Want to find the best eating place? Connect with the locals.

Technology is a great tool to help you locate eating places all around you, but you never know that the food will taste good or not. Connecting with locals is an excellent way to explore the area, and they can guide you to the best yet cheap eating spots that are famous for their exceptional taste.

Save yourself from unexpected situations; prepare an emergency kit.

All of us want our trip to be free of bad experiences, and unexpected situations but getting stuck in a situation unprepared will make the situation even worse, and you would wish that you can reverse the scenario and plan and organize the trip in a better way. To save yourself from such unexpected situations it’s best to prepare an emergency kit that includes all the basic car tools, rope, flash light, battery, spare keys, and medicine.

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