Happy Wednesday!! I would like to thank Zoe from EatsLeeds for providing you guys with this awesome guest post!! I’ve mentioned a few times now, that I have undertaken a gluten free diet and let me tell you #thestruggleisreal!! I’m slowly learning my way through the gluten free world and in addition to learning how to stay gluten free when travelling, I thought sharing some tips would be helpful.


Tips for Going Gluten Free

So you’re giving up gluten? I feel you – going gluten-free can be daunting. You’ll know the big ones: no bread, no pasta, no cake. But what else? Where are you going to eat now? And how will you ever have any fun again? Well, my friend, all is not lost. I’m here from across the pond in Yorkshire, where I blog about being gluten-free and vegetarian at EatsLeeds.co.uk, to help you find your way in this new, gluten-free world.

First, I’ll set the record straight: gluten free alternatives to all the things you are going to miss do exist: I’m not saying that they’re all brilliant (because they’re not) and I’m not saying that there won’t be days when you feel like you’re missing out (because there will), but if you shop around, you can find pretty decent gluten free alternatives. So, here are my top tips for transitioning to gluten free life (wherever you live):

  1. First, familiarise yourself with the types of products that are likely to contain ‘hidden’ gluten: Watch out for cereals, beers, thick sauces and soy sauce. Then double check everything that doesn’t specify ‘gluten free’: You wouldn’t believe how many products sneak gluten in, where there shouldn’t be any! Eventually, you’ll get to know which products you regularly buy, and won’t have to read the packaging every time (but do continue to check anything new).
  2. Get to know the local gluten-free scene: Contact your local branch of the Canadian Coeliac Association, the American Coeliac Society, or Coeliac UK – they usually have a list of resources to help you find gluten-free products and places to eat locally. Search Facebook for a local gluten free group too – most cities have a gluten-free/coeliac Facebook group, where members can exchange ideas on where is best to eat (and where to avoid!) and offer recipes, tips and support. If you can’t find one for your city, set one up! 
  3. Browse Pinterest and recipe sites for DIY inspiration: if you can’t get hold of a decent gluten-free loaf where you live, have a go at making your own! Many of the dry ingredients can be bought online and delivered, if you can’t get hold of them in the shops. Many meals and products out there are also naturally gluten free – you don’t need an alternative for everything!

So, those are my top three tips as you begin the transition into gluten-free life. Good luck! Tweet me @zoepickburn if you have anything to add!

Thanks Zoe for your awesome tips!!

In order to help my readers who my be gluten intolerant or have a gluten allergy, I put together a handy guide to help you out.

Thanks for reading!! I hope that you found these tips helpful, please let me know in the comments below

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