Becoming certified to teach MBSR has become my new goal. Mindfulness is something that I have incorporated into my own life and I have seen how beneficial it has been for me. I think that becoming certified will be great for my professional career because I feel that so many people can benefit from learning how to practice mindfulness. I think that so many of the kids/teens I’ve worked with over the years could have benefited from these teachings.

In order to become certified, there are many steps on the training pathways. I’m doing my training through the Center for Mindfulness out of the UMass medical school because the woman who first trained me in the practice studied through there.

MBSR Training

I participated in two individual eight-week MBSR programs with a woman named Jasia, who would come to my parents house once a week for the sessions. One of the things you learn about in mindfulness is how to bring awareness to the present moment without judgement. We all lose focus from the task that we are doing by thoughts that pop into our head. Mindfulness teaches you to recognize that you are having a thought but to be aware of it without criticizing yourself or the thought that you are having.

First, I did an online component that was a condensed version of the eight week in person program. It was a great refresher of the different components of mindfulness. When I headed to California, my five day program involved a deeper practice of these components. We practiced sitting meditations, body scans, walking meditations and standing yoga.We would meet everyday with a practice before breakfast and then we would practice mindfulness from after breakfast until lunch. We would meet again after lunch and practice until dinner. We also did an all day intensive which meant that from breakfast to dinner where we engaged in a silent practice. No talking, no texting, no online communications. Engaging in a silent practice really allows you to get a deeper understanding of yourself. Lots of things come up that you might not be expecting. For myself, things became apparent that day that I thought I was long past. Like stuff from high school! You just don’t know what kinds of things are still in your awareness until you take the time to really dig deep and look inside yourself. It was cathartic. This trip helped me to develop a deeper understanding of myself for which I am grateful. I feel like I learned so much and it inspired me to continue on this path and to learn more!

Since this trip was about meditating, I didn’t take a lot of outfit photos, but I’ve included the few I have below.

I wore this outfit when we went sightseeing in Petaluma before the start of the program. It was perfect because it was a chilly day so I was definitely glad of the layers.

Petaluma, California, Travel, sightseeing, mindfulness, Dynamite, Winners, Sears, floral skirt and sweater, sweater and a blazer, leggings and boots, socks with boots, knee-high socks and boots

Faux leather blazer: Dynamite, skirt: Dynamite (old), Sweater: Dynamite (old)

The first night we had a dinner and an orientation. I had picked up this dress in the summer, and had never worn it. I figured this was as good a time as any to cut the tags and take it out for a spin.

Petaluma, California, Travel, sightseeing, mindfulness, Dynamite, Winners, Sears, tights with booties, blazer and a dress, coral

Blazer: Dynamite (old, similar), Dress: Winners

Now we get to the heart of the program, so leggings and joggers it is!! Comfort was definitely the name of the game.

Petaluma, California, Travel, sightseeing, mindfulness, Dynamite, Winners, Sears, joggers and a sweater, comfy, patterned sneakers

Sweater: Dynamite (old), Joggers: Winners, Sneakers: Sam Edelman (old)

Petaluma, California, Travel, sightseeing, mindfulness, Dynamite, Winners, Sears, joggers and a blazer, sweater and a blazer, mixing prints, polka dots

Joggers: Winners, Cardigan: Sears, Tank: Dynamite (old), Blazer: Dynamite

Petaluma, California, Travel, sightseeing, mindfulness, Dynamite, Winners, Sears, blazer and a tunic, blazer and leggings, embellished tunic, tunic and leggings

Blazer: Dynamite (similar), Tunic: Dynamite, Tee: Old Navy, Leggings: Winners

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