Happy Canada Day and to all my American friends Happy 4th of July this weekend!! For my last post out of the archives is my first post from 2016. In this post, I introduced the idea of sharing more about of my personal story. The next day I published my first blog post about my accident which I re-posted on Wednesday. I will be back from my silent retreat on Sunday so next week the blog will return to normal. Thanks for taking a walk through the archives with me!!

Out of the Archives – Post 3

Straighten your crown like the Queen that you are

Happy New Year!! I don’t know about you but I am excited for 2016!! For my first mantra of the new year, I chose this one because I thought it was fitting based on my new years eve outfit. I went out to celebrate with my friends and I put together my best Queen look, complete with tulle skirt! Plus I wore a tiara 😉

For the blog this year, I’ve decided to make a few changes. The main focus will still be on fashion, but I will also be bringing in more about my accident and what I’ve learned from this experience. I’ve grown and changed a lot over the last three years and I feel like others can gain from what I’ve learned. So I’m going to straighten my crown and move forward and I hope that you will continue to join me on my journey.

Pink Tulle Skirt New Years Eve    pink tulle skirt new years eve    New Years Eve leopard print clutch pink tulle skirt faux fur coat new years eve

Doing my best Carrie Bradshaw impression 🙂

New Years Evepink tulle skirt new years eve

Tulle Skirt

My crop top is old from Dynamite, and it is the perfect length crop top for people who don’t like to show too much skin (like me). The faux fur coat I got at Target, on sale for $32.99 USD!! It is so soft and it was really warm which is perfect when you are going out in the winter. I bought this necklace as a Christmas present for my mom, but she was nice enough to let me borrow it for NYE. 😉 I decided that I wanted to pick up some props for the night so I went to my local Dollarama and found the tiara and a bunch of noisemakers. You would not believe how many compliments I got on the tiara and I only paid $1.25 CAD!!

I saw this tulle skirt online this summer and I fell in love, it’s so pretty!! The skirt is from Space 46 boutique – they have so many beautiful pieces! I was very pleased with my experience with them because their customer service is amazing. When I decided to go out for NYE I knew that I had to wear it. Of course once I put it on I started to feel a little ridiculous and that my outfit might be a little over the top. It’s funny, when you hear more about my journey and how easily I moved through some pretty scary things, it would surprise you that wearing a tulle skirt out in public is what intimidates me. It’s moments like this that have inspired me to fully open up about my road to recovery.

In a series of post I will document what I remember, and what I have been told about my accident and all of the complications and challenges that have occurred. There will be pictures, some of which are not very pretty to look at. Each piece of the puzzle will help to explain how I went from the girl who was only comfortable in the shadows who now chooses to stand out by wearing a bright pink tulle skirt and tiara to celebrate the start of a new year!

Charlene xoxo



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