Happy St. Patrick’s Day!! Today is also the last Friday of the March Break here in Toronto so I thought I would share all about the ROM Blue Whale Exhibit. Checking out this exhibit would be a great way to end the break!

The Blue Whale Exhibit at the ROM tells the story of one of the largest animals ever!

In 2014, nine rare blue whales became trapped in the ice off the coast of Newfoundland and died. It was a tragic event. Especially when you realize that this loss represents 1/3 of the Northwest Atlantic’s Blue Whale population. Typically blue whales sink to the bottom of the ocean when they die but this time they washed ashore. This presented the ROM with an excellent research opportunity and they worked to recover the bones.

The blue whale exhibit

blue whale exhibit

blue whale exhibit

blue whale exhibit

blue whale exhibit

Blue whale exhibit
shoe selfie!

blue whale exhibit

blue whale exhibit
a full length look at my dress

As a member of the YPC I was able to attend a cocktail party and a few days before the official opening to get a sneak peek at the exhibit. It’s just one of the perks of being a patron. Plus it gave me the opportunity to wear this great dress that I got in Galway and meet up with my YPC friends!


The story of these blue whales is pretty sad. It’s great that the ROM was able to work with other recovery groups to preserve these bones. At least this way something good could come out of something so tragic.

It took 2 years of hard work before the bones were ready to be displayed.

Blue, as the ROM has come to call her, is on display at the ROM before she will eventually move on to visit other museums. The Blue Whale exhibit tells the story about the tragic event in 2014 and the work that went into the recovery and preservation of the bones.

You will be able to come face to face with the 80 foot skeleton of Blue while you learn more about the blue whale species.

To celebrate the exhibit, J Crew created this beautiful blue whale striped tee. Because you can never have too many striped shirts!! 😉blue whale exhibit

If you are in Toronto I definitely recommend taking a trip down to the ROM and checking out this exhibit.


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