I recently attended another retreat for my mindfulness training, this time in upstate New York. Held at the Omega Institute, the Mind-Body Medicine workshop is not needed until after I complete all of my training but it was on now and I had the time so I figured it made sense to get it done and out of the way.

What to pack for a retreat in upstate new yorkWhat to pack for a retreat

I have never been to upstate New York before, so I was excited for this chance to visit Rhinebeck, NY. I have to say, the Omega Institute where the retreat was held is BEAUTIFUL!!! The grounds there are so lovely and with all of the different cabins and dining hall it really felt like summer camp. Grown up summer camp with spa services! 😉

Since I was attending a mindfulness retreat, I knew that there would be a lot of meditating so comfort was key when packing my bag. I was also flying out a little earlier to spend a few days in New York City, so I wanted clothes that could do double duty.

I’m a big contingency packer so I tend to pack for all weather systems and all occasions. I will admit, that I might have undershot the weather a little and that there are a few items I wish that I had brought with me. Overall though, I packed the right items needed for a retreat in upstate New York.

The weather there, at least the weather in Rhinebeck in June, was unpredictable to say the least! It felt like we cycled through 5 different climates in a single day!! It was a little nuts. At our morning meditation (6am) it was pretty cold. When we would stop for breakfast a couple of hours later it was a little warmer especially with the sun shining. At lunchtime? Boiling hot!! It would cool down again around dinner time and then when we ended for the day it would be kind of chilly. People would often change clothes a few times throughout the day depending on how hot or cold it was. Apparently this kind of weather is normal for Rhinebeck and upstate New York in June.

So, what to you need to pack for a retreat in upstate New York? Layers. Lots and lots of layers!!

what I packed

3 pairs of pants, one a pair of denim joggers and 2 in a lighter weight material. The black one is a little jogger-esque while the blue has a straight leg cut.
what to pack for a retreat

2 sweaters: One a light weight open weave and the other a tighter knit.what to pack for a retreat2 shirts: a denim button up and a striped long sleeve tee.
what to pack for a retreat

4 tops: a mix of shirtsleeve and tank styles.what to pack for a retreat

One cardigan to throw on top just in case.what to pack for a retreat

A denim jacket – the perfect spring/summer outerwear piece.what to pack for a retreat

One dress – t-shirt style which can be dressed up or down depending on the circumstances.
what to pack for a retreat

A black culotte romper – LOVE!!what to pack for a retreat

2 pairs of shorts – which never got worn mostly because I was too lazy to go back to my cabin and change during the afternoon. what to pack for a retreat

2 pairs of shoes: Lace-up flats for going out to dinner and a pair of comfy slip on kicks which I pretty much lived in the whole trip. So cute and comfy and a real conversation starter! People are constantly complimenting me on them whenever I wear them. 🙂what to pack for a retreat

Some jewellery – I like to bring a couple of pieces to dress up the more casual items. what to pack for a retreat

2 bags: The green one served as my carry-on and I used it throughout the retreat to carry around all of my extra layers. The backpack style purse I used while I was out sightseeing in NYC. It holds so much and it doesn’t put a strain on your back or shoulder. what to pack for a retreat

and of course, a couple of scarves. The plaid blanket scarf often serves as a blanket, especially on the plane but even while I am mediating. The printed one works when it is a little chilly and you want a lighter layer to throw over your shoulders. what to pack for a retreat

I am definitely not a light packer. I have no idea how people can travel with just a carry-on!! It’s pretty impressive and a skill I don’t think I will ever master. While I didn’t wear the shorts, weather wise I could have but we weren’t outside enough to justify going back to my room. I tended to find the meditation hall a little chilly because the windows were always open but I am used to being the only person who is cold all the time.

The clothes I picked for this trip were all complementary colours so that I could mix and match depending on the weather. I was happy that I brought more shirts than pants as I was constantly switching between the three pairs and this way the looked like new outfits. I wish that I had brought a rain jacket as there were a few damp days and my puffer vest would have been great too! Oh well, I managed with what I had.

Bringing a mix of pieces is a great way to ensure that you will be comfortable no matter what the weather.

Charlene xoxo
what to pack for a retreat in upstate new york





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